Drum's Log

Get a poster to keep your drumming goals organized and structured.

Rewritable Poster & Booklet (English Version only as Download)


"Meaningful practice is based on many small successes, and that's exactly why the author came up with the rewritable A1 exercise poster."

Drums and Percussion

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Meet me

Hey, I'm Pablo!

when I started studying drums in 2008, I was super motivated and actually wanted to practice drums all day long.
 Unfortunately, I quickly found out that the room capacities were limited and therefore I couldn't practice as long as I would have liked to.

Over the course of several years, both in my studies and later together with my students, I came up with a concept that would allow me to practice effectively.

With the Drum's Log I want to give you and all other drummers the opportunity to learn with the proven system.


The Drum's Log is PERFECT for you if you...

...have the feeling that you are only playing in the rehearsal room.

...want to hang a great poster next to your drums.

...want to practice more effectively.

...need tips on how to reach your goals.

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20€ for a poster?


Not only do you get a poster, you also get a guide on how to practice effectively and in a structured way. With the help of this guide you will be able to reach your goals faster and become a better drummer.

I have no place to hang the poster!


You can use the Drum's Log without the poster. I really like the poster, but in the book there are also copy templates, so you can print out the fields that are filled in on the poster.

How can I write on the poster?


You can write on the german poster with a normal, washable foil pen. If you print out the english version it depends on the paper you use.

19,99€ (plus shipping) + priceless fun

Grab your Drum's Log now and learn to practice more effectively!

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