Learn as much as you can in a group with other enthusiastic drummers!

As drummers, we all want to get better. In my normal lessons, I often get questions from my students. But some questions I get asked more often. I organize workshops on different topics so that as many drummers as possible can benefit from them.

Pablo's Groove Workshops!

Imagine getting tips not only from a teacher but from a group of enthusiastic drummers. We can all learn from each other and motivate each other!

Playing exercises together with other drummers supports your musicality and helps you play in a band context.

THE benefit of A WORKSHOP IS:

You'll learn the answers not only to your questions, but also to the questions of other participants - questions you may not have thought of!

Choose which workshops interest you:

I offer drum workshops on different topics every now and then. In addition, once a year I organize a drum workshop by an external instructor.