January 2, 2022

Groovespiration 1

What affects your drumming the most?
There are many things that have influenced me. Of course my drum teachers and their exercises were one of my biggest influences.

I also like a lot of different drummers and their style. Some of them have published drum books and I studied them to know more about their playing. But I also listen a lot to music and if I hear something I really like, I try to find out what this actually is.

With this serie called „Groovespiration“ I want to show you some drum grooves that I like. I will post them without an explanation, because I want you to try this in your own way. (But you can always ask for help!!!)
You don’t have to play it the same as I do. Get inspired and then play it in your own way! I would like to see your versions. Make a video and post it with the hashtags #groovestudent and #groovespiration.

Have fun!