January 2, 2022

Sitting Positions

#1 Tip of the Day – Sitting Position

When you set up your drum set, the right position of your drum seat is very important and often not considered enough.

A lot drummers just take the seat the way it is without adjusting anything. So you leave it to chance if your drum seat is in the right position. Good luck with that!

❗️If you want to play comfortable you have to sit comfortable!❗️

We all want to become the best drummer we can be. For me a good drummer is a someone who plays the drums in a way that his playing feels good – both for him and for the audience.

If you want the drumming to feel good, you have to feel good while you are playing.

Check this two things before you start playing:

1️⃣ Check the height of the drum seat. If you sit on the drum seat your knee should be slightly above a 90° angle. Be aware of the fact that the angle will change if you put your feet on the pedals.

2️⃣ Put the drum seat on the right position. Place it in the middle between the HiHat pedal and the kick drum pedal to make sure that both legs can play in a comfortable position.