July 11, 2022

Where should you place your music stand?

Where should you place your music stand?

Most drummers and drum students place their music stands on the left side of the HiHat and so do I sometimes. 👈🏻

But this is not always the best position!

If you play something difficult and you have to look very often at the music stand it is important that you can see your music stand without turning your head far to the side. Keep in mind what I told you last week about the drum seat position.

❗️You have to feel comfortable to play good!❗️

When I am teaching drums the music stand is always above the Toms to make sure the students can sit straight and still can see their sheets. 👆🏻

This would look very strange at a show and is also not useful, because the music stand might be between you and the other musicians.

If I use sheet music at a concert or a rehearsal I place the music stand behind the HiHat. Then I can see the other musicians all the time and still can look at the music stand without turning my head too far to the side.👉🏻